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Buy Wines in Singapore - Quady Essensia Muscat

Quady Essensia Orange Muscat Dessert Wine, Madera 2015

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Our Take:

This Orange Muscat is a rich and full-bodied wine that bursts to the brim with marmalade and peachy orangey goodness. Its sweet and rich palate coupled with its lingering and refreshing aftertaste make it the perfect dessert to end a meal.

Tasting Notes:

Essensia is a full-bodied sweet wine made with Orange Muscat grapes. The experience of Essensia is unmistakable: a rich gold in the glass is accompanied by spicy orange-apricot-pear flavors and aromas, balanced with perfect fruit acidity to finish clean, tempting you for one more sip.

Orange Muscat

15% ABV

375 ml